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I am Attorney Hollis Joslin. I hope you've had a chance to enjoy some of my funny videos on YouTube and Facebook because I’ve found that laughing is good for the soul, especially when times are hard. But make no mistake about it, I take my client’s cases very seriously because unlike many other bankruptcy lawyers in Phoenix, I understand what it’s like to be in the impossible situation of wanting to pay your debts but simply not having enough money to. I grew up in a working-class family. There’s never been a silver spoon in this bankruptcy lawyer’s mouth. In fact, I had to file bankruptcy myself many years ago. The truth is I probably should have filed long before I did, because my financial life took off like a rocket after I got my fresh start. After years of struggling under the burden of debt, I experienced the relief and the peace of mind of a stable financial situation; I could once again imagine a prosperous future that had all but escaped me and my family. And I took advantage of that fresh start to go back to school and to become an attorney, a bankruptcy attorney, so that I could help others escape the bondage of debt and take that first giant leap into a bright and prosperous future. I'm not a cheap bankruptcy lawyer or a bankruptcy mill and I do not recommend any of those. But I'm not expensive either. My rates are reasonable, affordable, no higher than they need to be to give you the competent personalized representation you need and deserve. And I do offer payment options. A small mistake in your case could cost you more than my entire fee. Call me today for a free consultation.   


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